Summer Camps
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Each year we run two Summer Camps for disabled people, one for adults and one for children. Disabled people are one of the most discriminated against social groups in Moldova. People are isolated in a practical sense as very few can afford a wheelchair and there is no access for wheelchairs in public places. Another problem is society's mentality that considers these people to be punished by God and therefore ignores them. Under these circumstances, to participate at a summer camp is a luxury for them.

It's a great opportunity to spend time together, to make friends, to rest and to have fun together. Many of the children have never been in a swimming pool or played on a trampoline before, so these are a special treat for them.

The daily schedule at the camp includes Bible study, time for arts and crafts, drama, games and swimming, movies for the children, free time and many songs.

Many of those attending camps have physical and/or learning disabilities, though we also invite many who are very poor and who would otherwise never have a holiday. How wonderful and liberating it is just to be at camp and be accepted for who you are regardless of background or disability!

If you think you might like to serve at Summer Camp, please get in touch with Ian - see '
Contact Us'.

  • Glyn, Rory, Ian, Di and Ann and Eddie all helped at the 2013 Summer Camp. Click here to read Carole's story of the Summer Camp 2013. Click here for Ian's report of the Camp.
  • Report from Summer Camp 2015 coming soon.

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Elena’s walker

Elena Burghila has infantile cerebral paralysis. She was in great need of a walker. When we were donated one we were able to pass it on to Elena. She is very happy and she and her parents are very thankful for the gift which will make a huge difference to Elena's life.