Speech Therapy
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In 2008 we employed Lilea, our Speech Therapist, part-time. She is doing amazing work, helping the children to speak and communicate more clearly. Lilea says

"My work with the children helps them to communicate with other children of their own age and with their parents."

We would love to take Lilea on full-time at a salary of approximately £3,000. We are looking for UK sponsors for this; would you be able to help?

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Victoria’s story

Victoria suffers from a severe learning difficulty. After her birth her father left the family without any aid and her mother Irina became very depressed. Victoria has always had significant communication difficulties but now she has begun to attend speech therapy and is doing well. She is a happy and cheerful little girl and her confidence is growing daily.

Her mother says

"Until Victoria attended speech therapy she was weak, some letters were not pronounced at all. She did not know the difference between the seasons, only warm, cold, rain and snow. Now she knows new words, she knows colours, she knows when flowers blossom and in which season it snows. We try little by little to write letters. We are very pleased that we have such a specialist. Thanks for everything. "