Mothers' Support Group

In 2006 a support group was started for mothers with disabled children. The group started with 6 mothers but now there are between 25 and 30 mothers meeting monthly in the Centre. These meetings are vital to the mothers as they are able to share their stories encourage each other and receive practical support from the Charity Mission team.
Sometimes they have a teaching seminar.

In February 2012 a team called Integr8 visited to encourage the mothers and to offer them support and advice about ways of communicating with their children and helping them to achieve their potential.

On another occasion a specialist in law from the Centre for Legal Advice for People with Disabilities came to speak to the Mothers’ Support Group. They answered questions and helped the mothers as much as they could. The mothers were very impressed with what they heard.

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Ludmilla’s story

Ludmilla lives with her disabled son Eugen and two other children on the 7th floor of a flat which has no lift. Her husband left after Eugen was born. There is a pressure not to allow your disabled child to be seen in public, and this stigma, together with living on the 7th floor of a block of flats, meant that Eugen didn't go outside for 5 years.

Last year he went to Summer Camp and recently the Charity Mission team has been able to provide medicines. Best of all though, Ludmilla now meets with the other mothers every month.

"Now I have found friends. We all have disabled children. I no longer feel alone. I learn so much and I have people who listen and understand. For me the Mothers' group is a lifeline."