Massage Therapy
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We employ Olesea as our full-time Massage Therapist. The therapy she provides has many benefits:
  • It reduces aches and pains and fatigue.
  • Increases range of motion in joints.
  • Has a calming effect; helps promote a healthy mind.
  • Can alleviate sleep disorders and many emotional and psychological problems.
  • Soothes infants and promotes digestion.
Olesea says

"Massage for disabled children makes their legs and hands stronger. For some children it relaxes their muscles and makes them more comfortable."

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Catea’s story

Catea is a young girl with cerebal palsy. Doctors offer much hope for her but she needs ongoing therapy support. The family have no money because her mother is her full time carer and her father does not have permanent work. Recently we were able to pay for medicines, massage and physiotherapy for her.

Catea's mother says

"After treatment the physical condition of our daughter has improved. Thank you from the heart."