Day Centre

In 2008 we bought and opened our Day Centre in Straseni; this is a wonderful place where disabled children can come to have fun, learn and play together, and receive Massage Therapy and Speech Therapy. It's a place too where we can hold meetings to encourage the parents. But this is just the beginning.

The goal of the Day Care Centre is to prevent the abandonment and institutionalisation of children with special needs. We are delighted to report that the Day Centre is now open 5 days a week for 8 children with a range of physical and learning disabilities. The Centre is open for 5 hours, 4 days a week and all the children now receive a hot meal every lunchtime. The Day Centre has been made fully wheelchair and totally redecorated. Outside we have recently converted much of the garden area into a wonderful playground. We thank all those who continuer to offer their support to make these improvements possible.

The Centre also offers counselling and support for parents and the opportunity for parents to meet together on a regular basis. The services we offer are complementary both to the requests and personal efforts of the parents, and services offered by educational institutions and other service providers. 50 families from Straseni are part of this project where each child is treated individually, depending on his social and family background.

This Centre provides much support especially to the mothers of these children since it offers them the possibility to get some rest and to take care of other family and personal problems while their children are at the Day Care Centre.

The Centre has recently been inspected and the authorities were very impressed by the high standard of teaching they saw and the amount the children were learning.

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Mrs Valentina Donica is Gabriel's mother, a 7 year old boy with infantile cerebral paralysis. She recently told us:

” It's a great joy for me and Gaby to be able to go the Day Care Center. When the days to go there come, Gaby wakes up at 6 in the morning and looks through the window to see when the van that picks him up comes to take him to the Center."

We are so grateful to God for all the people who helped us buy the Day Centre building. Inside there is a large activity room, three smaller rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. Our dream is to extend this building so the rooms currently being used for our offices can be used for the children; the new build will provide office space. Then we will have a massage/physio room, a speech and language room, a soft play or computer room, kitchen and large activity room. That would make the children so happy!

Currently we are praying for around £20,000 to build the offices.