Humanitarian Aid

Moldova remains one of the poorest countries in Europe and for the majority of the population poverty has increased, particularly in the rural areas where people depend mainly on subsistence farming and there is 64% unemployment.

The most affected are families with special needs, the disabled, families with many children and the retired people. The Charity Mission supports those in greatest need. It may be the gift of a pair of children's shoes, nappies for a baby or food parcels which are a lifeline to families in need.

We are always happy to receive humanitarian donations which can be sent by courier at the cost of £1.50 per kilogram. Please contact Ian Hames for further information. His contact details are on the
Contact Page.
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Peter and Aliona’s story

Peter and Aliona are both disabled and have two wonderful children. Aliona studied accounting but no one will employ her because of her disability. Peter makes quality cane furniture to sell in the market to buy food for the family. Their baby needs special food which is quite expensive. It costs £100 a month but their pension is only £45. Peter says

"We are thankful to the Charity Mission for the aid, clothes, food, sewing machine, shoes and warmth of their hearts. We would like to thank them for the gift of £200 to feed our baby."